Alexa And Amazon Unlimited in Canada

  • 17 June 2018
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Hi there,
I'm a bit confused. As far as I can tell Amazon Music Unlimited is not available in Canada yet? And no date set. But this statement seems to think that with the latest Sonos with Alexa and an Echo Dot I can access Amazon Unlimited?

I'm a couple months away from moving into a new home and am trying to decide which system to go with. I like the automation capabilities that seem toward oil the States but what about Canada? Without Amazon Unlimited I can ask Alexa to Play The Eagles Hotel California for eg. as far as I can see? Am I correct in this assumption? If not then how? And if so, is there a date when this expected in Canada? Thanks for any information. Mark.

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5 replies

Amazon Music Unlimited Canada just came out today. Haven't been home to try it on my Sonos yet.
Thats awesome news! Thank you.
Amazon Music unlimited works with Sonos now in Canada (“Alexa, play beatles songs in the kitchen”) however, adding Amazon Music as a source within the Sonos apps still isn’t an option. Hopefully this is being rectified behind the scenes.
Has this been rectified yet. Can you add Amazon Music or is it still not available?
Has this been rectified yet. Can you add Amazon Music or is it still not available?According to this link below, it is now available: