Added (2) Sonos Play 3 to Sonos beam and now Alexa doesn’t work

  • 22 July 2019
  • 3 replies

Just added two Play 3s to my living room beam and now Alexa won’t come up or respond. Tried to turn on the microphone button on the beam and nothing. Looked in the Alexa app, Devices I see that the Beam is offline. Not sure how to get it “online” OR if that is even the issue. HELP.

I attached a screen shot of the Alexa app.

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3 replies

Figured it out. Somehow Alexa was logged off after the process. Just had to log the old brawd back in!

thanks !! 🙏✌️
I understand that the Alexa has nothing to do with the addition of speakers, however something occurred when I added them. Alexa worked fine prior to the bonding of the Play3 as surround. I do not want them as stand alone speakers but as surround to the beam.

I get no response from Alexa at all now.

I will I’ll try the later solution you mentioned too.
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Hi old man bakke

Alexa has nothing to do with you adding Play 3's to your Beam. If Alexa was already setup for the Beam all you were doing is bonding the play 3's to your Beam as surrounds. Once that was done all you need do is say " Alexa discover devices". It will probably respond as no new devices were found as the Play 3's are bonded as surrounds and are not stand-a-lone speakers.

If you want the Play 3's to show as speakers in Alexa you must set them up as individual speakers named as a room; or as a stereo pair named as a room. After doing one of the aforementioned you would ask Alexa to discover devices. They should then appear in the Alexa app under devices.

If anything is off-line in the Alexa app close it and re-open it. If they still show as off-line make sure you can access your speakers via the Sonos app. If all is good close all apps on your device, reboot and open Alexa to see if you can view your devices as being on-line.

Let us know if you need additional assistance. Cheers!