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Dive into complex and advanced Sonos topics here. Got a cool Sonos 'hack' to share?

Hi-resolution support required (eg: AIFF 96kHz/24bit)

PLEASE add hi-resolution file support (eg. AIFF 96kHz/24bits) In a world where CDs are becoming obsolete, I believe a good share of Sonos customers are still looking for hi-fi quality, not only the m...

Default source when turning on power

Maybe I am the only one who is disconnecting his Sonos (connect) from the power source, but what I would like is that I could define a default source that starts playing when I turn on the power on my...

Simplified HTTP API (node.js)

Hi, I'm starting a new thread regarding this (old one here https://en.community.sonos.com/advanced-setups-229000/sonos-with-nodejs-my-attempt-33834) since that one grew out of hand. I have made some...

Dear Sonos, please, I'm begging you - add a password protection mechanism to the Sonos Controller

Hello. I would like to formally make an enhancement request. Please, please, please, add a password protection mechanism to the Sonos Controller. I work in a variety of offices that have spent a sma...

Amazon Echo

https://gigaom.com/2014/11/06/amazons-new-echo-device-marries-sonos-with-siri/ sounds interesting. It would be great if this could be used as a controller for Sonos.

Line In: New No Delay Local Mode

I'm using a Connect to switch between TV audio (line-in) and other traditional Sonos sources. I find the minimum 70ms delay on the line-in input to be maddening. While it occasionally works out that...

Alexa, tune my Living Room Sonos

Would be nice to use all the microphones in an echo dot to tune 5.1 audio with trueplay.

Wink Hub Integration

How about integrating Sonos control into the Wink hub the same way it's been integrated with Smartthings?

Connecting a Sonos through an Aruba WiFi Controller? Here's how:

Just wanted to share my experience with setting up my Sonos Play 5 with an Aruba WiFi controller. After many hours of tcpdump'ing and connecting the Sonos to wired networks (with everything working pe...

Automatic volume of the Playbar while playing music

Hey guys, when I start listening to music on the Playbar the volume is always set to the middle of the range. This is quite loud when I start listening to a radio station. Is there any possibility of...

How I fixed a controller not able to connect to streaming services (Sonos is stingy about DNS)

Hey guys I was about to start a topic when I found out the solution myself. Here's a write-up of how I solved it, maybe it will help future people. So I had this weird issue with an OS X controller...

Dead Play:5, need schematics or tips

Hi Play:5, manufacturing date sometime around 2009, is completely dead. No light in LED. Found several cases of this online, but no solutions. Does anyone have any knowledge about the problem, og...

AirPlay support - time to do it properly

Sonos have had a form of AirPlay support for quite some time but frankly it has always been a disappointing kludge even if it got the job done. For those unaware the current and only solution involves...

Sub adjustment - made easy

Is there a way to adjust the sub (bass) settings that is quicker than the current multi step process: Settings Rooms settings Select room Advanced audio Sub settings Adjust sub level Yes you can s...

Sonos for public use/AirBnB

We would like to offer Sonos to guests at our AirBnB. Is there a way to allow them control of the Connect: Amp, Playbar music services, but not have access to the system settings?

Sonos and the FCC

So, this isn't really an "Advanced Setup", but there are many who enjoy keeping up on Sonos and whatever their newest products are by going through the FCC database, and we tend to be "advanced" users...

Free Raspberry Pi touch controller

Hi all, I recently created a free touchscreen controller for the Raspberry Pi that you can use with your own setup as a sort of dedicated, always ready, controller. Check it out if you like and let...

SONOS DNLA compatible and/or SONOS PLEX media server compatible

It would be fantastic if SONOS could become DNLA compatible or PLEX media server compatible .... Or if SONOS propose a plugging to make PLEX and SONOS compatible.... PLEX media server work on...

Could Sonos and Philips Hue collaborate?

http://www.theverge.com/2015/5/12/8590159/sony-light-bulb-speaker-announced Sony have announced lightbulbs with bluetooth speakers. Could Sonos and Philips Hue work together to develop the thinking...

iPhone Intermittently Drops Controller Connection, MacBook Does Not Drop Connection on Google Fiber

I love my Sonos PLAY:3 players! I have Google Fiber and noticed my iPhone controller randomly connected and disconnected to Sonos throughout a day. All the while, my MacBook Pro had no trouble connect...

1 speaker, multiple rooms

Hi.. It seems to move a speaker from room to room, it is a few buttons / change of room setups..etc Wondering if anyone knows if Sonos is planning to (or has work arounds) for having 1 speaker in mul...

Music Library Artist Folder Artwork

Hi All. I'm relatively new to Sonos as of last year. My query is how to add artwork to Artist Folders on a shared drive. My setup is via a NAS drive. Now i'm not talking about Album Artwork. This dis...

Sonos connect + active subwoofer

Is it possible to use an active subwoofer (not sonos sub) for example Dali e9-f by connecting audio out from a Sonos Connect directly to the line in RCA-s of the subwoofer? I intend to use the subwoof...

Guest access for only one Sonos device

I would like to allow guests to use a play 1 in a guest room but not control any of the other sonos devices in my house. I have a separate guest wifi network with password via an Apple Airport. Do I n...

Advanced Sonos Wireless Network Configuration Using Sonos BOOST

I wrote a how-to on my blog that describes in detail the performance differences between: * using your existing WiFi network (“Standard” mode), * using SonosNet 2.0 (“Boost” mode) with an Ethernet-co...


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