ZP100 - White Flashing Light

  • 11 June 2020
  • 2 replies

Hey there, 

I have had Sonos gear for 15 years with a minimal amount of issues, thankfully. Recently I saw a trade in option online and within a week my ZP100 which has never given trouble just stopped connecting. The white light on the front flashes repeatedly and there is no way I can connect it to my system. 

Can anyone help me on this matter? 

2 replies

 Here is the list of what the LED lights are indicating.


In this case it sounds like your ZP100 is having trouble getting an IP address.  I would unplug the router and ZP100.  Plug the router back in and let it boot up.   Plug the ZP100 and see if it boots up and is able to fully connect this time.  Most likely it will.  If not then perhaps your ZP100 hardware can’t wirelessly connect to the router anymore. Will the ZP work if you wire it directly the network?



Thanks Danny, I will try this now and revert back asap!