Wireless Mesh using Bridge, separate from Home Wifi

I have a wired Bridge and multiple wireless amps and speakers that originally was on a separate Sonos Boost mesh but now (somehow) switched to my home Wifi and share bandwidth with my other wireless devices. How do I reset my bridge and devices so they connect to a dedicated Sonos wifi mesh, not my home wifi? I am getting music streaming gaps on some devices that is driving me crazy! Thanks

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Check that your Bridge is working properly, some of them have bad power supplies that give frustrating results. The easy thing to do is unplug power to the Bridge and hook an Ethernet cable to another sonos speaker, wait a couple minutes and things should start working. If it is the power supply and you want to keep using the bridge you can get a replacement supply locally or on Amazon.

To keep the sonos gear off your wifi, use the controller to remove the WiFi SSID and pass phrase from your sonos.
Hi Stanley. Thanks for your suggestions; How do I delete the SSID?

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