Wireless Burglar Alarm

  • 14 June 2011
  • 6 replies

I might be replacing my burglar alarm system with a new wireless one. I was just wondering if anyone has a wireless burglar alarm and Sonos? Are there any problems with interference between the 2 systems?

6 replies

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If you are in the UK then you will be ok as :-

"In the UK, a dedicated frequency has been introduced for wireless security systems. This frequency is 868 MHz and it effectively eliminates the issues associated with this problem."

This is nowhere near the UK 2.4 GHz WIFI frequencies.
Excellent, thanks for the reply. I am in the UK so that's good news 🙂
So would the burglar just need a jammer for the 868 Mhz range? Or is it assumed that for a certain demographic the burglars don't reach that level of sophistication (the screwdriver between the window type)?
My experience with these is that, once you register the sensor, the system will expect it to be there and will look for jamming signals. the sensor transmits a regular coded "keepalive" so the console knows it's still working. I also think that if a sensor suddenly disappears the system will suspect foul play and trigger an alarm.

Sensors generally don't die suddenly, and they typically transmit a warning back to the console if the battery is low and, often, won't allow you to arm the system or at least require you to bypass the zone.

There's a lot of sophistication goes into modern alarm systems and they're not easily bypassed by simply cutting wires or jamming wireless signals. Personally I prefer wired sensors as you don't need to change the batteries.


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How about in the US? Does anyone know if a typical wireless system would cause any interference with SONOS?
How about in the US? Does anyone know if a typical wireless system would cause any interference with SONOS?
Just about every system I've installed has been in the 300 - 350MHz range, even further away from the 2.4GHz where WiFi and Sonos play.


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