Wired speakers contrlled by wired Adroid tablets.

  • 31 October 2019
  • 7 replies


Hi! I wish to disable all wifi emitting devices in the house and run Sonos speakers from ethernet wired android devices and knx switches due to radiation concerns.

Is this setup feasible or must I look for other wired solutions?

I know there should be possible to disable wifi in the speakers, but then there is the controlling app. Will it work via ethernet?

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7 replies

Yes, this can be done with the speakers. I’ve no idea if you can “wire” an android device. But the speakers all have the ability to turn off the radio (wifi antenna). I’m not sure why you would want to use Sonos for this kind of use, however, you’d be paying a premium for features that you’d never use. I’d be looking at other sources.

Thanks for the answer Bruce! The reason for wanting to use this setup, is that the cat6 cables and power cables are there and I do not want to place external amps etc. in the rooms. Cabeling the android is not a problem, but getting the Sonos app to work via ethernet may be?

You can get relatively inexpensive Ethernet adapters (USB-C and MicroUSB OTG) for Android devices. I’ve never tried one but I’ve no reason to suspect that the Sonos controller wouldn’t work. Try it and see.

I still think you’re paying additional money for each speaker having the whole WiFi system built in, and the cost of generating code to make it work, rather than finding a less expensive wired system. Like buying a Ferrari, when you only drive a mile to the store once a month. Sure, it works, but why?

But there’s a whole lot more to Sonos than mere wireless communications, such as … multi-room, multi-controller, multi-source playback. 

Indeed, the mantra is often to wire as many devices as is convenient. If the Cat6 cabling is in place then why not use it.

That said I’m not sure I’d go along with the “radiation concerns” aspect….

I'll try out the wired tablet on a wired speaker tomorrow and tell you if it looks promising or not. This is a rather large house with a multi-room setup, all cabled with cat6 and knx wiring. 

I tried the Sonos app on a Samsung A Android tablet connected to ethernet via USB C Type-C adapter to RJ45. It appears to work flawlessly.