Which gen Play 5 is best for turntable with 5.1 sys

  • 28 June 2020
  • 3 replies

Wanting to add a turntable and connect it through a Play 5  or Sonos 5 to access my 5.1 system (Beam, 2 Ones, and Gen 3 Sub).  Curious if there would be any difference between play 5 gen 1 or 2 or Sonos 5 when played with them entire system?  Just curious if it’s worth the extra loot.  Any suggestions on which gen/version would be best?

3 replies

All three gens would be the same. Get the one that fits with your system, I’d recommend either the PLAY:5 gen 2 or the Sonos 5, depending on whether you’re running S1 or S2.

I’m running S2 if that makes any difference.

Then my answer stands.