What the hell happened to this product? - Hey Sonos

  • 12 February 2017
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32 replies

Nope, now I have to wait it out. The connect amp in library still flashing green from reset. Go to add player or sub and my only choices of things to add are the soundbar which is on the livingroom already, the sub which is on the living room already or the pair of play1 surrounds which won't pair to the livingroom. Easy peasy right...
Livingroom finally appeared. Sub added. Now the last surround causes a crash. I've reset both play 1's multiple times, when it says add left I've added right to settings-room-addsurround and it won't take the last speaker. So it's not the speaker because the left will add but the right will not. Both speakers are within 6' of the sub, 10' of the soundbar, 20' of 2 connect amps. They're surrounded. No go. I'll leave it for later. Maybe it will magically fix itself like the connect amps did. Off to try the library again - maybe this time I will have a choice to add the component I'm resetting and trying to connect to instead of a component already connected to another room. Maybe...
Rooms drop down doesn't show living room. It shows set-up playbar (which I've done multiple times and set up play 1 which I've done multiple times). I then go to settings-room settings-LIVINGROOM - and the sub, playbar and surrounds show they're connected - yet I can't access them through the rooms choices drop down because living room does not appear. I will now attempt to remove them so that I can hopefully create them this time in a room that will work. This software is buggy as SH^T.
So I reset the play 1 in the surround in order to get it from thinking it's not the playbar. I get the living room to pair and I have 1 playbar, 1 sub and 2 plays for surround. I then got in the room directly below to add a connect amp to the library, reset it and go to add it and it's asking to add the play1 I reset in the living room which is now connected to it's own group. Just like before when I was trying to add the connect amp and it wanted me to only connect to some paired play 1's which were already assigned to rooms. Ya, network issue for sure.
Wait a few hours and have dinner. Come back to the same blinking connect amp, try again and viola. No network settings changed, same static IP's issued, same signal strength on mesh network, no reboots, same WAN rates coming in - nothing touched - even on the same sonosnet. Then I go to the living room to do the soundbar, sub and surrounds and it picks up the play 1 as the soundbar after the first failed pairing of the set. Yup, same old Sonos. I bought it because it was easy peasy. It's becoming a PITA.
Plenty has changed. My alarm didn't used to go off randomly and then not be able to be shut off - along with a bunch of other people in this community. Search my threads to see the instance. Yup steady eddy. Same old Sonos.
Nothing has changed about Sonos. You have network issues. My large system is rock solid. Have you actually spoken to Sonos Support? Had them remote access your system to see what is going on?