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  • 24 October 2021
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I just started using Sonos Speaker One Gen 2 than i made quick research for the Dolby atmos and so and so than i remark i need buy Sonos Beam Gen 2 or Sonos Arc products but i have a complicated problem :(

As i understood Sonos Beam Gen2 or Sonos Arc doesn’t provide Dolby Atmos via AirPlay 2 so i have projection setup at my home and it’s cell mounted with no ARC Support ? as i understood i can connect my apple tv4K directly to sonos beam 2 or sonos arc than as a out to my projection hdmi ? even my projection doesn’t support ARC hdmi ?

Isn’t it any solution for Wireless Dolby Atmos AirPlay 2 or something like that ?


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AirPlay 2 only supports Atmos when sending an Atmos signal from an Apple device to another Apple device. If you’re sending an AirPlay 2 signal to any other company’s device, such as a Sonos system, AirPlay 2 will only send a stereo signal.

So, in order to get Atmos, you need to have an Apple TV connected to a TV via ARC or eARC (both HDMI) that can pass the Atmos signal to either a Sonos Beam Gen 2, or a Sonos Arc. 

There is no way to send an ‘Atmos’ signal to any Sonos speakers using AirPlay 2. 

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Hi @sfnemis 

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@Airgetlam is correct, so for surround sound to work, you’ll need to use a cable. Beam and Arc only have one HDMI socket each, so you cannot plug a source device into them - they have to connect to an HDMI-ARC port, or utilise the provided HDMI-Optical adaptor. You’ll either need your projector to have an optical output, or you’ll need to use an HDMI splitter/stripper that provides an optical socket (unsupported, but likely to work). Unfortunately, optical connections do not support ATMOS - only Dolby Digital and DTS (DTS support is coming soon to Sonos).

You’ll find that many users here on the community with a similar issue use the HDFury Arcana to provide ARC when a TV/projector cannot (also unsupported, but likely to work).

I hope this helps.