What algorithms happen when pairing different speakers with the sub?

I have a play:3, play:5, about 12 play:1's, and a playbar/sub (in 5.1 when at home). When I go do a wedding or a party, if I want to maximize the amount of bass I have does it make more sense to temporarily move my sub to a smaller speaker (play:1 or play:3), or to the play:5? It's my understanding that the frequencies get "assigned/tuned" to the speakers paired together. So I'm guessing some of the bass gets pulled from the play:5 and shifted to the sub (so that the play:5 can focus on mid/higher frequencies), whereas if I paired it with a play:1/3 then the play:5 can keep all the bass it has. Basically does anyone have any information about how it separates things? I realize I can probably just take a lot of time and test it myself, but I'm also curious about any information that's known. Does this make sense?

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Would like to know as well.


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