Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

  • 14 February 2018
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Mine works on source devices but it won't work the volume on the built in apps?
I only use the built in apps (no HDMI devices) and i cant get the volume to work with the Samsung remote.

Working now! "the issue is that the IR signal comes from the one connect box and not the remote."

Ok I have a 2019 Q8 Samsung.  I only use the streaming interface on the tv.  There isn’t a one connect box.  How do I set up the remote to work?  

After you go through the initial remote set up you can’t try it a fourth time.  After the third time of telling it that it didn’t work it asks for the model number of your home theater system.  I put in Playbar and then go through the same three set up attempts again. 

It ridiculous to spend this much money on a sound system to have to do all of these work around a to get it to work.   

Just ran into this issue after unplugging tv and soundbar due to relocating. Here's the fix for my Samsung One Remote not controlling volume, but it still showed a visual response on tv.

Instructions on Samsung TV:Go to Sources -> Universal Remote -> New Device

Select Device Type: Home Theatre System

Select Brand: Sonos

Select Home Cinema Configuration: Optical

Start "Power Test" and now hit "No" (unsuccessful) until the 2th power test, then select Yes (home theatre system turned on/off).

This was the fix for me! Hope this helps!

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I FINALLY got my 2019 Q80R Samsung One remote to work my Sonos Playbar’s volume and mute functions. Similar instructtions to those above by MNS1974 with a few changes (2019 model TVs?)

Instructions on Samsung TV:

Go to Source → Universal Remote → New Device → Home Theatre System 
Select Brand: Sonos → Select/Search… This is where it gets weird - search for “Playbar” but it never worked for me when I selected “Playbar” from the list but DID when I selected “PBAR1USBLK” from lower in the list. Once selected, choose “Optical” as connection type.

Start "Power Test" and hit "No" (unsuccessful) until the 2nd power test (2019 TVs only give you 2 attempts - not 4...), there select Yes (home theatre system turned on/off), then “Done” and after that, it worked.

My Playbar was purchased new in early 2019 and is updated to current update level, so I can’t say what the difference is between “Playbar” and “PBAR1USBLK” in the list, only that “Playbar” never worked.


Hopefully this will help someone. I was frustrated for months attempting to get this to work until I stumbled on the alternate “PBAR” choice.




i havs tried all of the suggestions above. The pioneer solution worked but then it stopped working a few weeks ago. I have a frame 2019 model. My connect box is in a different room so there is no line of sight. Can anyone help?


I just went through this process many times and it does not work with my new 2019 Samsung Frame (model: QN65LS03RAFXZA). I followed af2k’s awesome workaround by pretending the soundbar is a Samsung model and setting the Sonos manually which worked perfectly.


Another note: I was on a call with Samsung support and they are useless. They don’t even know how their device works and insist that the remote only uses IR for power signals and nothing else.

af2k is spot on.  i just got a new 82” Samsung Q7DR. Contacted Samsung support and they told me that the TV would not control volume using an optical connection.  Was coming here to post that info when I saw his instructions.  Works to a T except the App Instructions are different now.  But, find the Remote Control in your app and delete the old one.  When it detects the new one it will find the Samsung Optical and all of a sudden, I can control the volume of the Samsung TV while using its apps.

I recently purchased a Q80T and when I setup the Beam, I didn’t have to do anything special to control the volume with the Samsung remote; it worked automatically with the Beam.  I used the Sonos app to optimize the Beam for my environment.

I have a beam and a 2016 Samsung TV.  I cannot get the two to communicate at all via the Sonos One Remote - sounds works but no volume control with the remote.  I tried the 4 times.  I tried twice.  No Beam model number.  And no Samsung One Connect, this was model was before that.  And Samsung is no help.  They just say the Beam is not compatible with Samsung.  Any help?