Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

Does anyone know how to connect the Samsung One Remote control to the Sonos Playbar so that I can control the volume of the playbar? I tried various ways but can’t get it to work.... I read the the playbar has IR whereas the Samsung remote control has RF but nevertheless there seems to be a way to make them connect. Hope someone can share the ultimate solution for this issue with me!!

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Read this FAQ.

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Read this FAQ.
Thanks. I tried this earlier, didn’t work then but it does now!:cool:
Declare victory and move on.
buzz wrote:

Read this FAQ.

Anyone have another link for this? Or can you copy and paste what it says? I'm also trying to connect my Playbase with my One Remote but when I click this FAQ link, it brings me to a blank page that says "Ctomer Portal is not enabled for this interface."
Yea, they changed the location/address of all the FAQs last week. Try this link:
Thanks for this. One thing I noted when setting it up with my new TV today is that the Sonos never needed to learn the remote codes, so I tried changing the volume with my old tv remote, and it still worked.

Therefore, I then tried setting up the sonos with the “dumb” remote Samsung also supplies, which works and means you can use either. I’m guessing a few people may have already worked this out, but I haven’t seen any mention of this elsewhere.

I am guessing the Playbar has some of its own codes which is what the smart remote uses, and are on top of whatever the sonos can learn.
I got the Sonos Playbar fully working to be controlled by the One Remote with my Samsung Q7F 75" (2018 model, QE75Q7FNA).
My One Connect box is inside a closed cabinet and the Sonos Playbar receives the IR commands directly from the One Control.

It is working for me at every input, tested on DVB-S2 (Satellite), HDMI1 (Apple TV), HDMI2 (PlayStation 4) and Apps (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc).

Instructions on Samsung TV:
Go to Settings -> Universal Remote -> New Device
Select Device Type: Home Theatre System
Select Brand: Samsung
Select Home Cinema Configuration: Optical
Start "Power Test" and always hit "No" (unsuccessful) until the 4th power test, there select Yes (home theatre system turned on/off).

After this the Sonos Playbar can understand the IR commands emitted by the One Remote, without the One Connect box needing to be in line-of-sight.

Change remote on Sonos Playbar:
Start the Sonos App
Go to More -> Settings -> Room Settings-> Room with TV/Playbar -> TV -> Remote control setup

Follow on-screen instructions, you will have to learn Volume Up/Down and Mute.

Congrats, you will have now a flawless working Samsung One Remote + Sonos Playbar setup.

At least it works at me perfectly.

None of the other "workarounds" that I found by other users worked for me.

Great answer. It works perfectly for me. On a really minor point, do you know if you can change the label from Samsung?
This honestly saved me from having to buy a beam. Fourth test did the trick. And yes you can rename from Samsung to Sonos.
Thx @af2k!
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My Samsung Series 7 2018 just discovered and offered to control the Playbar without me doing anything but selecting optical out for sound. Works flawlessly and indication on screen labeled SONOS
Thank you.

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