Using Sonos play3, and play5 with wired ceiling speakers to make up a home entertainment system

  • 20 November 2016
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We live in New Orleans in a 140 year old home, yes its historic and I wouldn't dream of removing any of the original plaster to install recessed lighting or wall / ceiling speakers in the main part of the house... However...termite problems caused a MAJOR remodel of the servants quarters and we opened up walls to make a family room / kitchen area... We use the Play5 and Play3 speakers in the front part of the house and they work great... In the renovated part we installed ceiling speakers and have two zones, which we will call "Kitchen" (3 truaudio ceiling mount speakers) and "Family Room" (2 truaudio ceiling mount speakers + subwoofer)
How do I achieve the following.... (At the present, I have no idea how to wire, though I think I have all the needed equipment) - (see below for detailed list)
1. When we are watching TV, Movies, etc... I only want the "Family Room" speakers + subwoofer to work, and not the "Kitchen" speakers -
2. When we are entertaining, I want all 5 ceiling speakers, both "Family Room", and "Kitchen" speakers to play the same music at the same volume and work in conjunction with the subwoofer. (BTW.... these two zones are also wired to a volume controls on the wall as well)

Audio Equipment currently on hand: (in these perticular areas)
1- Onkyo Receiver - TC-NR656 (w/ 2 zone)
1- Rocketfish 4-Pair Stereo Speaker Selector
1- Sonos Connect
5- TruAudio ceiling speakers
1- TruAudio subwoofer
1- Harmony remote - (to control everything)
1-Apple TV
1-Samsung TV (wall Mount)
1- BlueRay player
1- Direct TV Receiver

If the above equipment is able to be hardwired to the router, it is...
Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance!

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