Using Sonos ones as the rear channel for an acoustic screen television

In this case my installation of a new home theater does not give me the space for a sound bar. I acquired a Sony xr55a80j which is an oles Bravia TV with an acoustic screen. I would like to use the television acoustic screen as the front channel and a pair of Sonos ones and a sub as my career channel. The same Sonos ones and subwoofer are all used also used for Alexa controlled comtent: music etc, when not watching the TV. Has anybody tried this? Do you have any guidance on how to connect rears and sub?


Best answer by melvimbe 16 June 2021, 16:11

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It really can’t be done. The Sonos system relies on the soundbar to distribute the various channels in use. Without using a Sonos soundbar or Sonos Amp to do that work, you end up needing to use a Sonos analog line in of some type, which must have a delay on it, making it ineffective for use to drive surrounds. 

In order to use Sonos speaker for rear channels and sub, you need to have Sonos speakers in the front as well.  That means a Beam, Arc, or Amp connected to your TV and playing the front left/right/center channels.

I didn’t look into it too far, but I seriously doubt you would be able to use the TV itself as a center speaker with all the other channels with a different sound system.  Without getting into too many tech details, that would be quite an accomplishment.  The best you could do would have the TV speakers play the left/right stereo while sending home theatre audio to another sound system.