Using Beam with a wireless HDMI extender?

  • 13 October 2019
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I see lots of threads out there in re projector connection issues, but any success in connecting an HDMI extender from a HDMI matrix switch hub that has an ARC/SPDIF (optical) output to a Beam speaker to play a movie via a DVD player/Projector? 😬

My goal is to play a movie from a DVD player connected via a HDMI True Matrix SPDIF splitter to a projector (that has no ARC/optical out) and connect the output wirelessly via a HDMI extender to the Beam speaker. I don’t know if i can connect the optical/hdmi adapter that came with the Beam to a wirelessly extender to transmit to the Beam, where i would plug the receiving end of the HDMI extender.

Like others have stated, I’m trying to minimize cables running across the room since the projector will be behind the couch and the screen/beam is across the room. To add to that, I’m thinking if that is successful, of using a HDMI extender to connect the DVD player to the Matrix splitter to minimize further cable running across the room, since the player and Hifi comments our housed at the side of the room and the projector needs to sit in the middle to the left of my living cabinets. 😬😬😬

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