unable to create a stereo pair

  • 1 September 2020
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I have recently purchased a Sonos Five

i wanted to pair it with my my Play: 5 gen 2 only to discover this is not possible?

supposedly it delivers the same sound as the Play:5, why the hell cant I pair them? if it is not possible (nor is a trade in possible) should i return it?

3 replies

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I’m surprised you say that it delivers the same sound as a Play:5 - why would they bring out a new speaker if it isn’t improved? So, in the same way you can’t pair a Gen 1 with a Gen 2 Play:5 the same applies with a Five. (It’s the same with the Play:1 and the One, too.)

That said, there is a third party app available which will let you pair mis-matched speakers. I’m sure someone can confirm the app’s name. 


Thank you John B

I am not prepared to get a 3rd party software which may or may not work in the next firmware upgrade.

Sadly I am returning my new Five unit.