Two Sonos Connect systems on the same network

  • 7 January 2020
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I have two Windows 10 systems on one network. Each computer has the Windows Sonos app installed along with the music database. How do I tell the iPhone app which instance of Sonos to talk to?

2 replies

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Hi NESonosUser

It doesn’t matter how many iOS/Android/Mac or Windows devices have access to your Sonos on any network. I may be missing something but what do you mean by “How do you tell your iPhone which instance of Sonos to talk to” :thinking:

The iPhone should have the Sonos App installed on it as well. You might run into problems controlling your Sonos via multiple devices simultaneously (but not individually) as you may loose track of  what device is doing what. :thinking::thinking:

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The Windows, Mac, phone and tablet controllers are just controllers that talk to your Sonos devices.

Your Sonos devices are usually one system and all controllers can see all devices. If you didn’t do a standard setup and made more than one Sonos system you will have problems getting a controller to talk to Sonos devices in the other system.

If you have the standard one system you only need one copy of the music library as the Sonos devices access it over the network, the controller doesn’t use it but gets the data it shows from the Sonos device it is connected to.