Turntable, TV, Beam, and 2 Sonos Play:5s in the same room…

  • 28 December 2018
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I'm having a nightmare of a time trying to find a user-friendly solution to my audio set up. Originally, I had two Play:5s. One for my turntable, and the other had an Alexa in the line-in. I was using AirPlay with an AppleTV when I wanted to watch something. However, setting up the AirPlay was annoying, and the audio sync was inconsistent. So, I picked up a Beam not realizing that adding the Play:5s as surrounds kills their line-in.

I've tried grouping them. But the group doesn't alway stay… grouped, and I end up having to re-group. Also, the audio on the Play:5s is slightly out of sync when grouped. The quality with the 5s as surrounds is magnificent, but I'm not willing to sacrifice the line-in for my turntable.

So, I'm thinking of dropping the Beam and just plugging the TV's line out into one of the Play:5's (losing the Beam's advantages: Alexa and ARC simplicity). Any ideas?

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1 reply

The easiest solution would be adding a CONNECT for the Turntable.

Personally, I'm not fond of turntables. I know that there is joy for many listeners while handling records, but I am so fussy about record cleaning and turntable setup that playing records is a chore for me. My approach would be to carefully setup the turntable, clean the records, then digitize. ALAC would be the most convenient format for Apple users, FLAC for everyone else. SONOS can deal with either format.