Trouble With Devices showing on Desktop but not ios

  • 9 July 2020
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Hey all, So I am currently running Sonos in a large office space.  I have 4 sound bars, a move, and two play:1’s 


Two of the sound bars that are linked to TV’s are the only two that show up on my desktop app (will not show up on ios.)  Every other speaker besides those two shows up on the ios app.  It’s almost like they are on two different Internets even though everything should be the same.

The two soundbars that show up on desktop are hardwired.  The other two soundbars that are hardwired show up on the ios app.  Then the move and play:1’s that are on wifi show up on the ios app as well.


Any troubleshooting that could possible get all on one or the other?



2 replies

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Hi, Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community. Regarding your concern about your issue on missing Sonos speakers, you may check this link for missing Sonos speakers on the Sonos app. Also, I’ll ask you to submit a diagnostic report for us to check valuable information on what could be causing the issue. You may reply to the thread with the confirmation number to assist you with this issue.

Let us know how you get on with the advice above.

You're always welcome here.

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Do any devices show up in both apps? If not then you have managed to create two separate Sonos households. You will have to factory reset all of the devices on one of the households then add them to the existing other household.

If any devices show in both apps then ignore me and do NOT factory reset anything.