TP-Link Deco M4 with M3W extender: Problems connecting to Sonos Move from Phone

  • 24 June 2020
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I have a problem with access through a local network to Sonos Move. The speaker works and gets Internet connection, because it plays music from Spotify, so there is no problem with Internet access from the speaker itself. 


The problem is to access the speaker from my phone (Samsung Galaxy S10) when my phone is connected to another Deco node than the speaker. 

I have a 4G modem which acts as a router and Deco M4 set up in the access point mode. I also have one additional extender device M3W, the Move is connected to that M3W extender. 


When my phone is connected to the same M3W extender, everything works perfectly, but when I move to the place with the main M4 access point, the link to the Move speaker drops, I'm unable to control it from the phone. I'm also unable to open the tech support page of the speaker located at

However when I move to the M3W access point, then connection to the Move speaker restores and above mentioned URL is also working correctly. 


It is a bit annoying, please advice on what could be done?



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