Toggle between Full and Ambient on rear speakers when input is from TV input and in Surround mode

  • 8 October 2019
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Have a play bar + sub+play 1s for rear. With Google play Music switching over to You tube music my music comes through the same input as television on PlayBar. When watching a movie I would like to have the 2 play ones as surround. When listening to music form the same source I would like to be able to switch the rear speakers to stereo.

If this is an option for music playback from a different source (music Library, Google Play music), how can we not switch it with out having to re profile the speakers. The input should not be relevant. we should be able to toggle in surround mode between (FULL) and (Ambient) for both surround and music input.
Any one solve this?

I can't except that it cant be written in.



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1 reply

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There is no ability to play FULL through the Playbar input.

When you have Surrounds set to Ambient - everything is always surround

When you have surrounds set to FULL - everything through the optical input is still Surround but everything played online via apps is FULL.

There is no workaround for this.