SYMFONISK playback error 701

  • 10 October 2019
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Hi I've been getting an awful lot of dropouts on my new symfonisk speaker since installing it last month, and now it has virtually ground to a halt, getting the above error code using android controller, but then the speaker will randomly come on about 15 seconds later playing the old track (not the one I tried to play that gave me the error code).

We have quite a complicated home WiFi setup with 2 separate SSIDs - one for front of house and one for back. There is a Sonos speaker in virtually every room. I have a play and a soundbar both connected directly via cable, though both are downstairs.

The troublesome Symfonisk is the newest Sonos speaker, and is in the middle bedroom upstairs, so shouldn't be a WiFi signal issue, though I'm a little unsure about the whole WiFi/Sonos net difference.

I submitted a diagnostic test and the code was:

Hoping someone can perhaps indicate where the setup might be letting me down here ...

Thanks so much,

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