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  • 1 November 2019
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I have a sub connectef to an Amp. 


Thé Amp has also 2 wired speakers .

The Amp is NOT wired but on my wireless network. Thé Amp is not located in thé same room as thé sub and thé passive speakers.


My wireless network is stable (unify). Thé sub is next to an access Point !

Nevertheless, thé sub looses connection, with no sound or visbility in thé controller. I have you move thé sub closer to thé Amp to connect. 

I thought That thé sub uses my wireless network. But it seems it has to have a wireless connection with thé Amp. Is this so? I really want to move thé sub to a less visible location but this seems not possible as this is to far from thé Amp.... How can I connect tot sub to my wireless network instead of thé wireless network of thé Amp... Or do I have it all wrong...? 

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1 reply

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Hi Maxster

The access point should not have DHCP enabled if it does it’s most likely generating an IP Address and the Sub is connecting to it.  That is way when you move the Sub away from the AP it then bonds with the Sub again.

Also, if you are wanting to use the sub with the AMP to augment the speakers wired to it then ALL components should be in the same room (i.e. Amp/Sub/Speakers). The AMP is the controller (i.e. the named room) and the sub is bonded to it. In short the sub should have no identify of its own. Its just another component that is part of the AMP’s sphere of influence.

Follow the directions in the AMP’s menu to add the sub and you should be OK. As far as hiding it any place in the room will do. Behind a chair, under a sofa or any where you have power and the sub can be hidden.