Sub position, 2xPlay3+1xSub

  • 12 August 2017
  • 4 replies

Why do I always hear the position of the sub? I don't want that! Of course I've done the room correction... I've two solutions to solve this issue! The best would be to be able to sync 2 subs to the system (L+R sub), second best would be to able to adjust the cross-over frequency.

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4 replies

I'm not sure I understand what you're trying to say. Do you mean that you're hearing the physical position of the sub, where it is in the room?

When you say "room correction", do you mean TruePlay?

I can understand your desire to be able to have a second sub paired to a speaker, though. Would be nice, but I don't think the market would be large enough for them to devote an engineering team to do it.

And I suspect their desire for simplicity, and marketing to our grandparents, would prevent them from allowing you to adjust the crossover frequency, although I'd also be a fan of that. The one thing I keep needing to remind myself is that their system isn't designed for a high end user, but more of a "plug and play" solution. Fortunately for them, it seems to be the sweet spot for their sales.
Thank you very much for your reply and your efforts in interpreting my message. You were right in both topics (position and TruePlay)...
I'm afraid that you might be right in every subject: plug&play, grandparents and market-position... That's actually too bad, because I think it's really annoying to be able to pinpoint the sub-location every time I listen to the system.
Sorry about that. I've yet to find a company that makes everything exactly the way I want it to be, so I keep adapting other companies products where I can.

For my SUB, I ended up putting it under my couch. Sure, I can tell where it is, but it works pretty well there.
I am not able to locate mine when it is placed in the same plane as the speaker pair, approximately at the centre. For Connect Amp, the crossover can be selected down to 60hz; with play units this is automatic and at about 90hz for a 1 unit. Although slightly higher than the 80hz below which sound cannot be located by most, this is good enough for me.