Sub: Grouping new Sub g3 to Port speakers??

  • 10 July 2020
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10 days ago I spoke to Sonos Support about transitioning to S2 App and System.  They recommended the new Sub gen3 and a new Port to replace my Connect and tie in my wall speakers to the rest of my system.  So I bought the Sub, the Port, and 2 new gen3 Play 5s….these added to my Play 3s and another set of Play 5s gen2.  My gen1 Play 5s will be traded in for credit as soon as the gen 3s arrive.  So I have lots of gear and am pretty disappointed if it can’t work together as was promised by Sonos.

Three days ago when I received and installed the new Port I did it with Sonos Support.  Casey (support) and I set up the Port and discussed how to add the Sub to the Port setup when I received it.

This morning I received the new Sub.  I cannot find any way to group the Sub to the Port speakers.  It seems that it should be a simple thing and both support people talked as if it was just that, simple.  So it must be me.

Does anyone have help, a hack, a workaround?  



1 reply

You cannot use a Sub with a Port. But are the speakers active or passive? If they are passive speakers then you haven't been using a Connect up to now but a Connect:Amp. The Port is a replacement for a Connect.  The Amp is a replacement for the Connect:Amp. Which have you been using?