Stereo-Input Ceiling Speakers with Sonos Amp

  • 31 August 2019
  • 3 replies

So, I've read this thread about attaching two sets of speakers to one Sonos Amp

I'm wondering how one dual-input speaker compares to a standard pair.

For example, could I put 4 x Polk RC6s ceiling speakers on one Sonos amp, instead of 2 x Lefts and 2 x Rights?

3 replies

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I do it, but keep in mind its a bit of a load on the amp, mine gets a little hot with the volume way up but two years in with no problems
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I did look quickly at the manual for the speakers in question and it looks like you would not be able to install 2 pair or 4 of them and run off of a single amp. You would only be able to run 1 pair of those. Or correct me if I’m wrong if amp is 2 ohm stable then no problem.

Jerry you run those Polk dual tweeter or single stereo speakers in question or just 2 pair of standard speakers ?
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No, you don't want to run 4 of the Polk RC6s without an impedance matching switch. Those are 8 ohm speakers. only 2 at a time is safe.

Not exactly sure what your situation is though, but it may make more sense to run the amp in mono mode. You'd be able to run 4 normal 8 ohm speakers without impedance matching.