Spotify streaming but not playing!

  • 12 March 2017
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I was playing spotify through one of my rooms and i decided to extend the Group. All fine so far, streaming no problem. About an hour later i attempted to completely reshuffle the Group - i was basically occupying another room and removing where i had been from the Group. Sonos then got itself in a right pickle. I was n longer able to control the playlist and shortly thereafter and pretty much ever since I have not been able to stream spotify....

....I can select a playlist and play it, the equaliser graphic suggests that music is playing but nothing is (in any of my rooms). When i attempt to pause the track, Sonos ignores my request, after 30-60 seconds i am advised that the track is not available and then that the Spotify link has been lost.

Other sound sources including TuneIn radio and iTunes work fine.

I have recycled the power on my Router and I have removed and re-installed Spotify - makes no difference.

I have also attempted to stream music directly form the Notify app to Sonos - Streaming is perfect on the host device, but as soon as i select a solons device.....NOTHING!

Help and advice please.......

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2 replies

Incase this is picked up by Sonos team i have run a diagnostic with #7182793
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Incase this is picked up by Sonos team i have run a diagnostic with #7182793

Please try rebooting your surround PLAY:1 speakers then test things out again and let me know how it goes.