Splitting a system into current and legacy devices.

  • 22 January 2020
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I was thinking about the possibility of a user who wanted to keep their legacy devices but also wanted updates for their newer devices.

This might also apply to folks wanting to power down legacy devices but not risk their newer gear taking an update when the old gear isn’t seen.

  • If they split the system into two systems would using a travel router be the best option?
  • What would they give up aside from grouping across systems?
  • Would any streaming services not support two systems?

3 replies

Unfortunately, Sonos has left us to speculate about this and similar, till May. They should have done this first, and shifted the lock down to maybe September if it was going to take them till May to get the roadmap sorted. 


I was told by a customer service rep that I should create a 2nd Home (a faux home on the same wi-fi), then factory-reset the legacy Sonos products I want to keep, add them to this 2nd Home. That way the updates will be limited to non-legacy product. 

It all sounds great, but I do not how to create a 2nd home in app or system, nor can I find instructions (forums or elsewhere), in order to factory-reset those legacy products and add them to the intended new home. Can this be done? Instructions please.

One way or another, it is only fair for Sonos to provide timely instructions on how this system split will take place in order to have a two-lane Sonos home: one with updates, one without

...also, I wish the Trade-Up system for bridges for boosts with 30% discount was available at least until May. The promotions on the emails I got last year expired on Dec 31, 2019. 

Sonos: (should truly) Reward Loyalty without the marketing time trap!



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A second Router plugged into the first with a different SSID might be easiest way?.