Speaker far from bridge not connecting to wifi, but mesh signal is strong

  • 14 July 2019
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I have an old brick one story home. I’ve installed an eero mesh WiFi system and it works great. I have an eero in my garage for the WiFi garage doors and lighting controls. I also have a Sonos 1 out there.

Inside the house I have a number of Sonos devices and they work/connect perfectly. This setup includes a Playbar. They are all working off of a Bridge connected directly to my main eero that’s connected to the router.

The garage Sonos speaker is not staying connected. It’s constantly dropping from the controller.

How do I get my garage speaker to connect and stay connected? Do I not need the bridge anymore? I thought Playbars need a bridge? If I remove the bridge, will I have to connect each speaker individually again to the WiFi?

I’m pretty good with this stuff... but this one has me stumped.

Best answer by ratty 14 July 2019, 20:01

I suggest you wire the garage speaker to the eero there.
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2 replies

I suggest you wire the garage speaker to the eero there.
Update: Thanks for the suggestions, Ratty. I was ready to hardwire the speaker like you mentioned and by luck my 7 year old Sonos bridge died. This was actually great because I didn’t realize Sonos no longer needed a bridge- my Sonos network is now 100% WiFi and on the network, not the bridge. So I reset the garage speaker and it’s now getting a super strong connection from the eero in the garage. Seems obvious now... 🤦‍♂️