Sonos ZP100 dismantle and possible repair guide.

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could you please list the part number you used?
thanks in advance
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Fantastic! What alternative part did you fit?
The replacement parts arrived, I installed them, and the ZP100 is back alive blasting music!
Thanks for the info! I found a similar part on DigiKey. Hopefully it will work! 🙂
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The original diode has CA 48 written on it and is a bidirectional type as seen in this data sheet :-

I didn't fit an exact replacement and can't remember the part number but I hope this information helps.
Great guide! My Sonos ZP100 also died in the exact same way. Can you tell me the part number of the burnt surface mount diode on the power supply PCB. Mine is not legible... Thanks!
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Hope to never use it, but I like the effort.