Sonos system cuts out randomly

My sonos system cuts on during random periods. I suspected it may have been network speed. I have an Orbi router with two satellites, which should be more than sufficient. However, just to be safe and after talking to a Sonos rep, I ended up adding a BOOST to my setup as well. Unfortunately, that did absolutely nothing. I'm starting to think it's because I have too many sonos devices? Well, I had the same issue even when I select half of the devices. Or, are the speakers running a firmware version of Windows? God I hope not. While writing this post, I played a track and it probably cut out 20 times, no joke. Or, maybe its because I'm on the Beta program?

Just an audiophile trying to live the dream.

Please help

Diagnostic number: 8048729

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Probably more a case of wifi interference then it is speed of your local wifi. You might want to read this: Wifi Interference FAQ

But maybe the diagnostic will tell the Sonos techs something different, we'll have to see.
Not sure why that would be it being that I have a router with two extenders that are all within 25 ft of each other. Plus, a BOOST. I was told by the sales rep that the speakers themselves become extenders with a boost. Most of speakers are also within 15 feet of each other.
Indeed, it sounds like you have an ideal setup for wifi interference. I'd recommend that FAQ for you.

Sonos is known not to be friendly with network extenders, as well.
I'm not following you logic. Its random. The walls and devices are in fixed locations so I would expect more consistency with the issue. This morning, I had zero issues until later in the day.
Things like a neighbor's use of a badly shielded microwave, a refrigerator cycling on and off, or your neighbors streaming a movie are all random events. There's all sorts of things that might be impinging on your particular setup that have absolutely nothing to do with you or your devices. I'm not saying you're at fault in the least, but I am suggesting that there might be forces out of your control, which that FAQ covers in part.

But It's all just a guess on my part. We need Sonos to look at the diagnostic you've submitted to see what's in the logs, which would be a much more concrete assessment.
I figured out the issue! :$ It was my router *sigh*. :@ I have a Netgear Orbi router and a recent update changed the configuration to "Daisy chain" my satellites with the router. Once I turned the feature off, including some other "advanced" features, my connection was much more stable. I have only experienced minor cutouts since and the response of my sonos speakers are much quicker.
Ouch. I'm not a fan of "updates" that occur without some sort of prompt and explanation. I stopped using an firewall app for that reason, they'd just change the settings on my machine without any notification that it was happening, and break all sorts of things.

I'm happy you figured it out, though.


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