Sonos surround system with computer setup doesn't work

  • 22 January 2017
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Hi support,

I have an issue where I can't get surround speakers to work with my current computer/Sonos setup. I've read a lot of stuff on the issue but couldn't find a satisfying answer. I own a playbar, 2xPlay:1s and they are configured as surround system in my sonos controller.

So I have this computer hooked up on my Samsung TV (Model: PN51F5300) with a HDMI cable. It has an Asus P6X58D-E motherboard with AMD 6770 gpu.
The playbar is connected on my tv through the optical cable. I suspect my tv doesn't relay anything else than PCM/2.0. When I go into sound settings of the tv, I only have the option of PCM. The other option doesn't output any sound.

I tried to connect the computer's optical cable directly to the sound bar and it did not work.
My main source of video comes from my Plex server.
In both cases, when I play music through the sonos apps, it works perfectly.

I understand that my TV doesn't relay anything else then PCM.
What could I add to my setup to have surround working?
Should I need some kind of switch that emulates DTS/Dolby?
Please advice.

Thank you.

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4 replies

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Hello, and welcome to the Sonos community!

Go to about my Sonos system and look at your PlayBar input. Stereo in stereo out. Play with your TV settings to see about the different audio outs and what the PlayBar gets. Slow not all of your show put our 5.1 For example I am watching American Football and it is in Stereo, but if I am watching a movie usually it is in 5.1

Next I like my surrounds set to "Full"

Try that and post back.

Also some TV do not pass 5.1 you may need a switch
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have a look at
On the screenshot attached you can see that both DTS and Dolby are greyed out.
I think capnles has a nice solution track. Maybe I need some kind of switch to transfer DTS to Dolby.

I'm pretty sure that my tv doesnt pass 5.1, so what kind of switch do I need? Blueray player?
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Just a comment I'd add and then let those more technically competent than I continue with your troubleshooting... And perhaps refute my proposal if they have more technical knowledge...

I struggled with getting my Samsung TV to passthrough an HDMI audio to the optical port. I'm convinced it will not do so, but I got so tired of digging and having it not work, I may be incorrect, but I simply bypassed it entirely. Like you (If I read your post properly) I use a computer for my TV video source (It is a Mac Mini). I send the video to the TV via HDMI and the audio directly from the computer's optical out port to the PlayBar using Dolby 5.1 (when such is available). Took a little configuring and googling to find the proper way to set up the audio out format for the computer, but it didn't take that long and it works like a charm... A brief look at specs of your motherboard.... and what I see implies you have an optical out that should be available to pass your audio to the PlayBar... I am, of course, always open to being corrected by come of the computer geniuses on this board 🙂

Wish you the best in finding your solution!