Sonos remote administraton for equipment installers

  • 1 December 2019
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I have been installing sonos for large houses - replacing B&O equipment or utilising amps and speakers etc and giving them the ease-of-use which they use regularly. I have about 5 sites with 8x rooms minimum.


Normally I just ensure all units have ethernet connected straight to a switch, with mikrotik firewall control for their airBNB rents in a property elsewhere on their estate - so guests can’t see the controller and start playing ….


Been OK for ages - I had the ability to reboot, switch on/off wifi, change root bridge & update firmware.


Had a recent firmware update which decided to  use wifi instead of ethernet - Now I have a root bridge on wifi about 400m from the main house and this is causing serious failures, even when it’s cabled.


Can’t do a thing to help them. Everything I mentioned above blocked. Need to make a 500 mile round trip because I can’t fix this from here - haven’t risked VPN as setting that up remotely could accidently cut them off which I cannot afford to do. Will there be any solution for people like myself who have actively promoted sonos with 5k+ spends to you - mainly soundbar and amplifiers - not your cheapest kit, that can remotely administer your stuff?

If not, I simply will not be able to recommend you due to the massive overheads caused by site only admin for simple, nonsensical physical management.


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3 replies

This community is for home users. My understanding is that suppliers/installers have their own points of contact with Sonos reps. You may want to exercise there, I’m not sure the limited support in these forums has the wherewithal to assist you. 

Ok thanks - where do I make my query on the sonos site?

I’m afraid I’m not an installer, so I don’t know. Have you checked with you Sonos Sales Rep?

I am recalling some publicity from the CEO where he indicated a recommitment to the installer community by increasing the communication with them. But as a home user, it’s not something I’m ever exposed to.

For that matter, perhaps if you were to contact Sonos Support directly, they could give you better advice than some random person on a public forum. I would assume that they have better knowledge about installer contact points than I do.