Sonos Play1 not Working if Apps Controller is Behind a Subnet

  • 28 August 2017
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It will great if experts can help me. I am trying to setup my Sonos play-1 speaker but I am unable to control it from an Apps controller. Here is my network topology.
1. I have a 10-ports cisco switch which is connected to external network.
2. My Sonos speaker is connected to this Cisco L2 switch.
3. There is a Crestron router (let us say CR. It is very simple, got only two ports: LAN port and Subnet ports).
4. CR Router's LAN port is connected to same cisco switch.
5. CR's Subnet port is connected to another Crestron L2 switch.
6. My Sonos Controller's Apps is running on a Touch panel. This Touch panel is connected to Crestron switch.That means Speaker is on main network and Apps controller is separated and behind the Subnet (i.e. in a different network).
7. But my Apps controller is unable to connect to Speaker.
8. I have programmed the port forwarding for tcp/udp port no. 1900,3400,1400, 1901 and 3500 on CR's LAN port. But that does not help.

So any idea what should I do?

If Speaker and Apps controller are in the same network (either in main network or in subnet) with same devices as explained above it works fine. It seems that UPnP messaging is almost ok. If I compare the packets flow (wireshark) captured for good case and bad case then I found one thing. In good case Sonos speaker starts and establish a TCP connection on port no. 3500 with Apps controller, however in bad case I do not see this happens.

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2 replies

In line with UPnP protocols all Sonos devices and controllers must be on the same subnet to function.
Thanks John for quick response. Is it in line with UPnP standards, if yes can you please send the link.
Also what could be a work around for my problem?