sonos play one suddenly only playing music services not turntable through sonos connect

  • 23 August 2019
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All of a sudden my sonos kitchen speakers (stereo pair of Play Ones) will only play music from my music services and is no longer playing music from turntable that is connected via a SonosConnect. My yard speaker (Play Three) is able to play any of my music services and the music from the turntable through the SonosConnect.

This problem just presented itself as the system has been working without any issue since January when I set it up.

Any suggestions - or should I just unplug and do a reset to my Play Ones and add them back into the system?

2 replies

Most likely it's some aspect of wifi interference either from within your home (and not your network, I'd guess) or from outside.

I'd read through that, and look for items that might be "too close", or switching the wifi or SonosNet channel.
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Hi pmecchi

When using a TT you would typically have a room designated as the auto-play room. Any other rooms would need to be grouped to that speaker. Could that be the case. Browse your rooms and make sure that the Kitchen speakers are grouped to the auto-play room. If you do not have an auto-play room designated then you must select a room to group to the Connect each time you use your TT. Let us know.

Note: My comments do not rule out Airgetlams suggestion.