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I'm a heavy Sonos and Echo user. I have 5 Echo's (each room) and Sonos in 5 rooms. Would be happy to help with Beta if needed.

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Is it an Echo Dot you use?
I have 4 Original Echo's and one echo Dot.
Any input would be nice. I just purchased a Dot and plan on hooking it up to my soundbar via analog to digital converter, then to a optical splitter for my TV and Dot. =3.5mm + 3.5mm to RCA + analog to digital converter + optical + optical splitter + optical + soundbar. I have not tried.hope this works. This may be a better option than buying a Connect for $349.99 v.s. $43.23 for cords and converter.

Why go through all that trouble, uncertainty, and cost, when Sonos has said that they're working on an integration process with Amazon as we write? If it isn't critical (and it isn't for me right now), I'd just wait until they release the beta/final product.
I have three echo dots and sonos play 5. I would love to be a beta tester


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