SONOS connection issues

  • 17 June 2019
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Hi everyone

I have an issue with the SONOS installation in the company i'm working.

Being from the IT department they charged me of installing te SONOS system.

We got a 58 sonos play:1 speakers.

The first issue came when i got to 32 devices.
That apperantly was the limit that the sonos controller could handle.

So what we did is add a second connexion into the building,
completely separeted from the first one.

The issue I had when splitting up was that I almost couldn't add any speakers trough wireless set-up.
So we decided to put all speakers we have in a wired configuration.
We've put the DHCP exclusion on the range were the SONOS-speakers have their Static IP adress.

The music keeps on skipping, stopping, ... on us with no reason.

we also tried changing the switch, the router, delete controller, reset controller, buy new sonos play:1 speaker, start from scratch, but nothing seems to help.

Could someone help me here, because unfortunately contacting SONOS didn't get me any further.
They just keep on repeating the same instead of helping with the actual issue.

1 reply

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Sounds like an STP issue. See

You probably have managed switches that aren't configured in a way that is compatible with Sonos. If you don't know of any other STP aware equipment you should be fine with switching from RSTP to classic.

The bridge priority could also be important if you have some players that are wireless, but if you can set it to 4096 on one of your switches, that should be enough.