Sonos Connect - Will this work?

  • 18 January 2017
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I currently have a TV audio out connecting to the interface module of a Cinemate Series II on SPDIF. I am exploring the following scenario -

1. Connect TV out to Connect Line-in through analog
2. Connect Connect out to Cinemate in through SPDIF

I have been reading aplenty and spoke to the Sonos support, and have been getting different responses (including 2 variations from Sonos support).

Will this scenario above -

1. Work?
2. Not work?
3. Work with the 70ms delay?

For the moment, lets assume a single room scenario.

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1 reply

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You are talking about the same Connect, eith line-in from the TV, and then with spdif onwards to the Cinemate?

Then I'm 99% certain that the number 3 response is correct. There is (to my knowledge) no "pass-through" for any Sonos player, it has to digitize the signal before it can hit any further step.

for an analogue setup (like, the analogue line-out from the Connect, or the speakers in a Play:x) the signal is always digitized, then converted back to analogue. This is because of the fact that it "might" need to transmit it over network as soon as you group it with another player. Hence, also the 70ms delay.

I have a Connect:AMP connected to my TV, and I can't usually identify that audio offset. For some clients (my plex client, for instance), I can have a static audio advancement of 75 ms, which I have just because I'm aware of the delay, but even with that off, I can't really tell a difference. Of course, your milage may vary depending on how much other delay you have on the broadcast or subsequent hardware.

In my experience, when I reach around 100-150ms offset, I start to see obvious syncing issues with mouth movements.