• 1 July 2020
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Anyone have a solution to HDMI interference problems with the Sonos arc everytime I hook up my cable box and Roku the Sonos app gives me a HDMI interference error and cannot setup the tv via the Sonos app I have gone through the troubleshooting and cannot get it to work with my other devices hooked up.  Any suggestions?

3 replies

Without more clarity on what the ‘HDMI interference problem’ actually is, I’m going to have to guess that there is possibly some sort of CEC issue with either your cable box, or the roku. I’d start by going in to each device’s settings, and turn off CEC in one or both of them until this ‘problem’ disappears. It’s unlikely to actually be an issue with either the Sonos, or the TV set. 

For whatever it’s worth, you may want to check all devices for software updates, too, as newer versions may also resolve the issue, whatever it is. 

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I have a 2020 Samsung 65Q80T connected to ARC vis e Arc, Gen3 Sub and Two One Sl surrounds. My system is working flawlessly. I do live in Canada and it appears based on geography that some are having issues with their Samsung TV and it’s interactions with the Sonos ARC. It may be the One Connect Box causing the conflict. So based on where you live it’s either the One Connect or the Roku.