Sonos and Wifi

  • 25 June 2019
  • 2 replies

I've connected 2 sonos Connects to my network, 1 with an ethernet cable and the other sonos network. They are only a few feet apart.
I then purchased 2 Play1's and wanted to connect them to the same sonos network but the 2 Connects are too far away.
In the room I have my 2 Play1's I have really strong wireless. Can I set up just the 2 Play1's on the wireless?
I seemed to have it working for a moment then it disappeared.

I already went into Advanced settings and told Sonos what my network name and password were but still having connection issues. The two Play1's don't show up on my Sonos App.

When I move the 2 Play1's to the same room as my connects, it's fine.

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2 replies

Is there a wireless extension point in/near the room with the two Play:1s? If so is its WiFi name/password different from the main router's? You'd obviously need to configure into the Sonos system the WiFi details of the signal which the Play:1s can see.

Although the 'mixed mode' which you're attempting to contrive may work, it could be unstable if the Play:1s are right on the edge of the SonosNet signal from the wired Connect. In that case you should be able to stabilise things by (a) wiring the second Connect to the first one (daisy-chain) and (b) disabling the radios on both Connects. This will cut the SonosNet signal entirely and the Play:1s will have no alternative but to use the WiFi. Note that this assumes that you have no other Sonos units which require a SonosNet connection.
Another approach would be to add a SONOS BOOST about midway between the strong signal area and the problem area. BOOST could be wired or wireless. With this arrangement one would not disable the CONNECT radios.