SONOS Amp with Powered speaker rears and passive fronts. can it be done?

  • 3 October 2019
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Thinking of the following setup, can it be done?

-TV connected to SONOS Amp via HDMI
-Front L+R speakers are passive Klipsch towers plugged into bannana jacks on SONOS amp with phanton center channel enabled
-rears are POWERED KRK Rokit 4s connected to SONOS amp via XLR to bannana jack custom cables
-Klipsch subwoofer connected to SONOS Amp via RCA

-For movies I want the ability to have 4.1 audio utilizing all speakers (plus the phantom center channel)
-For music I want the ability to use switch between:
Klipsch (L+R) towers + sub
krk (L+R) powered speakers + Sub
All 4 speakers + sub simultaneously

Can i do this or am I missing something here? I realize my KRK's are powered and don not need power from the SONOS Amp. I just want them to use native power and take the signal from the amp.


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1 reply

No. When using the Sonos Amp to power passive front speakers, there are no connections that are available to send out a surround signal, it only sends that data via a wifi signal to Sonos speakers, or another Sonos Amp.