Sonos Amp with outdoor subwoofer

  • 29 June 2020
  • 1 reply


I want to install the following equipment on a rooftop terrace, 

  1. Sonos amp (the latest one)
  2. 2 Def Technologies AW5500
  3.  KLIPSCH PRO-500T-RK subwoofer

Questions are:  Do I have to wire the Amp to the Sub and then bring the wires to the speakers?  Or would I need a dedicated amp for the Subwoofer?

1 reply

Is that the right model number for the Klipsch?  Googling that, it looks like a normal rock speaker.  It does appear to go lower than normal outdoor speakers, but it also has a tweeter.


Anyway, both speakers are 8 ohm, so you can connect two of each directly to the amp.  Not sure you really need all 4 though, so I would pick one or the other personally.  The rock speakers go lower, but does that make sense for a rooftop terrace?