Sonos Amp + Klipsch AW-400

  • 3 December 2019
  • 1 reply

Here are the speakers!


I already have one pair and am a little underwhelmed with the sound in my back yard.


Do y’all think the AMP will be able to handle TWO pairs of these speakers?

1 reply

Based on the speaker spec, the Amp should be able to cope; see the Sonos instructions for wiring multiple speaker pairs for the Sonos Amp for more detail on this.

That said, outdoors is a challenge for all speakers because of how rapidly the sound levels/quality drops with distance. Installing them as close as possible to the listening area is the answer to that.

Finally, as long as the Amp is kept in a well ventilated place indoors, don’t worry too much about turning the volume levels on it close to max.