Sonos AMP and Satellite TV service

  • 23 November 2019
  • 3 replies

What will be the topology when I connect my smart TV and Sonos AMP, and I want my Stellite TV box to be connected as well.  Can someone draw the connection map (music/contorl flow) of this connection.


I want to understand who do I connect every thing and control it if I buy a Sonos AMP and replace my existing DENON AMP which is my current entertaiment center…


Thank You,  Jacob


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3 replies

The easiest way is to connect the Satellite Receiver to your smart TV, using a HDMI connection, (note some Smart TV’s may have the Receiver built-in)… anyhow, that aside, you then connect the Sonos Amp to the TV using the HDMI-ARC connection… all being well that will work with no issues and audio will play to the connected Amp speakers/surrounds.

Another option is to use an HDMI-ARC DD5.1 audio extractor/splitter … the Satellite Receiver connects to this and the audio signal passes direct to the connected Sonos Amp and the video signal outputs to the TV. Just make sure the splitter/extractor has HDMI-ARC connection and supports DD 5.1 pass-through.

Personally speaking, I prefer the first method above and I would only use the second method, if I discovered an audio delay lip-sync issue when passing the audio signal via the smart TV.

Thank You Ken.

That’s okay and whilst I prefer to run such a setup through the TV itself, here is the type of audio splitter that I was referring to. (Just for info. if you prefer that route/option).