Sonos AMP and home theater

  • 24 September 2019
  • 2 replies


I have 2 x Play5 and Sonos Sub and I'd like to know if it is possible to use the Play5's as my rear speakers on a home theater setup? Is it possible to connect my existing Sonos speakers - if I purchased a Sonos AMP to my Yamaha receiver using the rear outputs into the Sonos AMP?
Or is there a better option?

Obscure setup maybe, but downsizing in home has both systems in 1 room now and the loss of my PlayBar. The home theater has 2 x Focal towers and centre, with a Projector for the display.


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2 replies

Thanks for replying Bruce. I will deal with it and keep them separate.

Let’s see if I can answer these one at a time.

1) Yes, the PLAY:5 gen 2 can be bonded to a Sonos Amp or a Sonos soundbar to act as surrounds.
2) No, the Sonos Amp’s analog inputs would delay the input by at least 75 ms when used to power rear speakers. In order to appropriately power surround speakers, the Sonos aamp needs to be bonded either to another Sonos Amp powering front speakers, or a Sonos sound bar.

So, you have a choice. Use a Sonos Amp with HDMI-ARC to drive your own speakers up front, and use the PLAY:5s as surrounds, or replace the lost PLAYBAR, and use that (Beam, PLAYBASE, or PLAYBAR) to bond the PLAY:5 gen 2s as rears.