Sharing speakers for a day to another wifi system

  • 7 October 2023
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Hi, am looking to take some of my sonos speakers to another house for the day. Is it possible to disconnect these speakers from my setup, connect them to another wi-fi (they don’t have any Sonos products so will be just my own being used in the alternative location) and then re-connect them to my normal setup when I return home?  If so, is it as simple as taking the speakers and connecting them to the alternative wi-fi and then the same when I get home?


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4 replies

You could in theory add the WiFi at the other place, but it would be a whole lot easier if you could wire one of your devices to the network instead. That would simply run your speakers in SonosNet mode. 

Do note that if the trip to the other house is for a social gathering the presence of large bags of water (otherwise known as humans) may affect the wireless communications. 

Thanks Ratty,

 I have successfully connected them to the different wifi. Needed to hard wire one speaker to start with.

hopefully the return will be just as easy!

When you get back you can remove the surplus WiFi credentials from the system.

Hi Ratty,

The speakers all connected automatically to my home wifi and worked without needing to anything.  Very pleased :)

Thanks for helping