S2 app control port

  • 9 June 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m using my Sonos speakers on a separate IOT Vlan. Since I upgraded the system to  S2, the new app can’t find my speaker unless i’m on the same vlan. I guess the control ports are not the same as the S1. Does someone know what new port(s) I need to configure on my firewall?



2 replies

The main port is still 1400. Sonos could have taken further steps to beef up security by rejecting any inbound connection from an off-subnet source.

Alternatively the device discovery may have changed in some way. 

FYI, I scan one of my speaker using Zenmap and found it was using port 1443 over TCP. I add it to my firewall rules and now I’m able to connect to my speakers using my phone app.