Running a receiver with Sonos for input management

  • 10 January 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m hoping there’s a solution for this that someone here may know of, or has run into. I currently run a Sonos 5.1 setup with a Playbar, Sub and Ones in the rear. I want to run a receiver between my Sonos and my TV primarily for input management (I had a built-in entertainment center done and all of my equipment, including the receiver, is in a cabinet, so it’s much easier to run all HDMI lines there, rather than from the TV to the receiver where it’s a bit of a pain to fish them).

I’ve looked around online and seem to get mixed answers if this can be done, and I figured I’d post it here since I happened to have an extra Marantz Receiver on hand. The model if needed is SR6013.

Thanks everyone!

2 replies

Does your receiver have an optical output? If so, you could conceivably connect your PLAYBAR to that connection, and it would play whatever the receiver was sending out….

Although I’m not sure that’s really necessary. I used to have a similar setup. I used a receiver many years ago as a HDMI switch to control what was being sent to my TV. I still had my PLAYBAR connected to the TV set, so that whatever was playing on the screen would play on the PLAYBAR.

The real challenge would be a Beam, since it’s expecting an HDMI-ARC signal, which most receivers don’t put out. That tends to be reserved for TV sets, where they put the electronics necessary to create the HDMI-ARC signal. But in that case, I’d still have the Beam connected to the TV, and not try to use the receiver for anything other than an HDMI switch device, controlling what is sent to the TV set.