run tv signal thru amp to distant zp100 thru wifi?

  • 5 September 2020
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I have three pairs of speaker wired (dining room, kitchen) and pulled into a closet and a spliter running two pairs at a time thru an old ZP100.  I want to run my living room tv (connected to a marantz amp) thru living room speaker pairs.  the living room wires are in a distant closet (part of 3 pairs noted above).  can I add my tv to my Sonos system in order to stream signal from my tv/amp to my closet Where Sonos amp is & play thru Sonos connected hard wired pairs of speakers noted above?  What do I need to buy? Something to attach to tv connected marantz amp to stream signal to Sonos amp (will old zp100 work or do I need a new one?)?  Thoughts?

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1 reply

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Hi @rick Baehner 

To send TV audio routed through your 3rd party Amp to the ZP100 would require a Sonos Connect (1st or 2nd Gen) or a Sonos Port. Those products (with the exception of the Connect Gen 1) are S1 and S2 compatible.  The Connect Gen 1 being only S1 compatible.

The 3rd party Amp would require an available AUX-Out L/R RCA or 3.5mm (the latter having L/R RCA on the end connecting to the Connect or Port). 

Note: TV Audio sent to the ZP100 will have a 70ms lag.